Welcome To Wellspring India

Wellspring India helps people find answers to deep issues such as Bitterness, Self-bitterness, Envy and Jealousy, Rejection, Fear, the Occult and Unbelief in their lives.

These issues have caused them to have broken relationships, broken hearts and broken bodies. As repentance and forgiveness are applied, emotional and physical diseases are healed.

We believe man is created for and designed to function in LOVE. Therefore, we see broken relationships are the root of most psychological and physical problems.

At Wellspring, our goal is to identify ways that we have become separated from God, other people and even ourselves.

We help people identify their sinful and toxic thought processes so as to apply the principles of repentance and forgiveness for healing of broken hearts.

We equip people to walk in consistent victory through a process of learning to identify sin, understand it in their own lives, identify Satan’s attacks, and then applying God’s Word to experience victory.

We have seen hundreds of people walk in freedom, healing and liberty after learning to walk in the truth and reject every lie.