Understanding Negative Behaviors in Ourselves and Others

This is a complex subject and has far-reaching implications in families. Dr. Mathias’ book In His Own Image describes the origins of a number of negative behaviors and how they affect our physical health.Scientific studies done by D.J. Siegel, author of The Developing Mind in 1999; shows that both positive and negative experiences affect gene development and activation. This is good news to people who realize that they come from broken relationships in broken families. Many of these situations were passed on from earlier generations who made poor choices.

At Wellspring we believe that negative behaviors are a result of a broken relationship in areas where we have not responded to our Heavenly Father’s care and counsel.

If you have behavioral issues that make you feel uncomfortable, please call us today. We understand. We will help you see that these issues which make you feel out of control in certain areas of life can be conquered.If you suspect that you have an issue with suppressed anger, rage, depression, a critical tongue, or other deep personal areas, don’t be discouraged. Call us today. Sexual Behavior Issues

The origin of negative sexual behavior has more to do with relationships than with any other factor. Find out how to live without a broken heart. Get your own copy of Biblical Foundations of Freedom today. It will help you walk through some simple steps that will help you deal with life’s struggles. You will replace disappointment and pain from the past with a joy and peace that you have always wanted. Some people live in a state of struggle against an invisible adversary. What we eat, when we eat, and why we eat are good questions to ask if you suspect that your food intake may be out of balance.