Adrenal Fatigue

Do you know someone who is always worn out? Maybe they are too tired to get out of bed some days. Does a cold seem to hang on longer than it should? What does it seem to take to get your mind and body up to speed in the morning? Is there a subtle riptide of anger and depression just under the surface?Maybe it’s you who has so much to do that the day completely drains you before it’s over. You can’t even think of being a wife or mother after 8 PM. Or maybe you just don’t understand why you feel “jumpy” inside.There’s help. Wellspring trained counselors will help you have peace in the areas in your life where anxiety, worry, fear or bitterness are causing your system to produce more adrenalin and cortisol that you need for regular, every-day peaceful living.We have learned that the adrenal glands are driven to produce cortisol type compounds in response to brain driven requests so that the body can respond to a perceived conflict.Dr. Mark Rhodes is a researcher whose work documents how the endocrine system reacts to conditions of stress. He notes how symptoms of ‘adrenal fatigue’ can include periods of hypertension (high blood pressure) immediately followed by hypotension or low blood pressure. At the same time cortisol tests taken throughout the day show poor quality sleep and a depressed immune system. These conditions are fairly typical of someone trying to ‘cope’ with a lot of stress.


The word ‘cope’ has Latin origins for a head covering – cappa. Coping means simply to ‘put a cap on it’ like confining something to a bottle. In order to please others or conceal how hurt we are, we often turn to a coping mechanism. We simply bottle up the conflict in our life and stuff the worry and fear down inside us so that we will appear to be OK and not have to deal with the real issues.At Wellspring we understand how unresolved issues in our life can take a terrible toll on our health. We won’t leave you there. There ARE answers. And when you experience them, your body will respond to peace.For more about how your body responds to both negative and positive stress, get a copy of Dr. Art Mathias’ book, In His Own Image today.Just phone Wellspring we understand and we can help. Call us at 011 (907) 563.9033