A simple definition: When the immune system responds to a foreign substance such as pollen, dust, chemical odors, etc., it creates and releases anti-bodies which treat a harmless invader as if it was a real threat.

Allergies can be related to the triggered release based on perceptions. As humans, we are susceptible to mental programming. We can even believe complete untruths. Taken a little deeper, it’s easy to see how we can become fearful of something benign and harmless.Behaviors that grow out of irrational fears can be expressed as exaggerated weeping, crying hysterically, holding on to unrealistic expectations, and even paranoia.An excessive fear of something is sometimes called a ‘phobia’. Furthermore, fears can become “self-fulfilling prophecies”. Fear of cancer, for instance, is a sure way to lower the strength of your immune system which is needed to destroy cancer cells.Allergic responses and fear responses are similar.