Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are diabolically destructive. They stem from our bodie’s failure to properly recognize and protect tissues or cells that were created within it’s systems. A healthy immune system protects our tissues from invasive compounds and biologically foreign material. When the immune system no longer is able to target these invaders, OR perceives that it’s own tissues are foreign, great conflict arises.

We invite you to look at autoimmune disease through the eyes of people who have been totally healed of it. Don’t accept the counsel of someone who says you have to live with this all of your life. And don’t accept the counsel of someone who says it doesn’t exist. You already know how serious it is.

We have seen a woman shuffle to the door with a cane and dread using our stairway. Ten days later she walked out the door and went home. Her cane is attached to the wall as a silent testimony that arthritis need not rule your life.


Dr. Art Mathias’ book, In His Own Image, will give you the insight you need to be free of arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, or Coeliac disease. You can take back your life!You can get help today.