Back Pain

Back pain has many causes.  Some of them are just simply because we choose to ask our backs to do work or play that it is not in condition or strength to do.

Chronic back pain is described as pain that lasts longer than the normal course of natural healing.  It can have origins that are related to emotional issues.

Vanderbilt University did a study on the body’s inate ability to quell physical pain. They discovered that people who angrily throw and kick things bottle up their emotions. This study went on to find that most of the commonly used pain relievers offer no relief to these sufferers.

The emotions of anger and fear and rage that get bottled up in us cause muscular strain and contractions in the shoulder and lower back tissues. These emotions are even more destructive when we feel helpless to do anything about our situation.

Sources of frustration and anger are the key places Wellspring will start to work with you when you call about back pain.


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