What Causes Cancers?

Medical science has assigned a name to personality types that seem to have a susceptability to cancer. They call it possessing a “Type C” personality.

Charactorized by denial and suppression of powerful emotions (especially anger), Type C people seem to have a pre-disposition to avoid conflict, be compliant, over patient, and be in control of their emotional expressions.

Medical science is publishing more guidelines suggesting that “more attention should be paid to eh manipulation of the shyche, in the preventionand mangement of cancer” (Miller 1977).

Dr. Mathias’ has personal experience with the interaction of a person’s spirit, mind, will, and emotions when it comes to cancer. His own sister, Marlene was diagnosed with breast cancer. In seeking out healing for herself she discovered how her attitudes toward close personal relationships affected her endocrine and immune systems.

Marlene has been free of breast cancer for over 13 years now. Because of her testimony of healing, Dr. Art was healed. And because of his testimony thousands of others are expeiencing healing and wholeness.

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