Crohn’s Disease

Digestive Tract Disorders

Many digestive tract disorders exhibit inflamation of the stomach or intestinal lining. Medical science can do a lot to treat the symptoms of disease, but auto-immune disease have deep roots in the emotions.

When you learn learn about how auto-immune diseases are connected with our thoughts and emotions you might consider calling Wellspring for help for yourself or a loved one who suffers from digestive or intestinal pain.

We can help you understand the processes in the human body that lead to medical conditions that keep you from being who and what you were designed and destined to be.

Dr. Art Mathias has taught about the connections between negative thoughts and emotions to audiences all over the globe. But unlike most medical practitioners, Dr. Mathias will teach you how to replace those negative thoughts with thoughts, words, and attitudes that result in healthy minds, bodies, and souls.

For a plain and easy to understand explanation of how digestive disease start and how they affect you, get a copy of In His Own Image. To start your healing journey, read it with the companion book Biblical Foundations of Freedom.

Your perceptions and perspective of the world that YOU live your life in will change! You will have the tools you need to regain your good health and enjoyment regardless of what happens around you.

Read them today and call Wellspring. We care about you personally. In the US phone 907.563.9033. There are many other Wellspring affiliates around the world. Call to find someone near you.