Diabetes is a very complex subject as it relates to the effect on modern culture.   In it’s simplest definition, diabetes is the failure of the body (human or animal) to produce insulin and process sugars needed for energy by each individual body cell.

Diabetes patients traditionally fall into two main catagories:

Type I- Juvenile or those born with impaired ability to process sugars.

Type II- Adult onset diabetes.

In Tim Kimmel’s book Little House on the Freeway, the author shares how people show a new tendancy to continue to ‘shift the gears’ of their life’s pace until they are in overdrive and incapable of experiencing true peace.  Overcommittment of obligations either for wages or pleasure affect our bodies as stress in the same way.

Stress indicatiors of a person at risk of developing adult-onset diabetes and the host of complications are these:

  • No time to relax
  • Can’t enjoy quiet
  • Never feel satisfied
  • No sense of security
  • Addiction to serve others
  • A forced or conterfeit “quiteness” or calm demeaner that disguises someone who really is deeply worried about life
  • Driven, world-class competitors and over-achievers

Dr. Art Mathias’ book In His Own Image should be required reading if your doctor is telling you that you are developing diabetes.  Using medical science, psychology and Scripture, Dr. Mathias teaches very plainly how negative emotions and thoughts cause most of our diseases. As you understand these factors, you quickly learn there is help and you don’t have to live under the ‘sentence’ of diabetes for the rest of your life.

Biblical Foundations of Freedom has the keys where you will learn to walk in freedom from these negative thoughts and emotions.  Written in simple terms, it is punctuated with scripture and truth.  Don’t take your doctor’s advice lightly.  Be informed. Your doctor may be telling you they see something happening in your physiology that will literally destroy your life.  But if you don’t deal with the roots of disease that have mental, emotional or spiritual causes, you WILL spend the rest of your life living with the added stress of disease.