Eating Disorders

We live in a culture where the ‘perfect’ physical appearance may not match your physiology. Young people are particularly susceptible to want to fit into the forms and perceptions that the media portrays as desirable.

Intense competition for the attention and acceptance of others adds to the pressure to maintain a particular type of appearance. Advertising and films reinforce the message that “if you don’t look like this, you won’t be happy, attractive, desirable, rich, or fulfilled.”

More common in females, the disorders of bulemia (bingeing, purging and starving), and anexoria (failure to maintain a normal, healthy body weight), are life-controlling, and life-threatening disorders that have their origins in the thoughts and perceptions of the sufferer.

Over-eating is also an eating disorder, though it is more socially acceptable. Eating according to your body type makes much more sense when you are at peace with your own physiology.

Asking God to help you understand why you eat, what you eat, and when you eat it will help you begin to understand how your mind, will and emotions are connected to your body.

There are two important resources that you should have when you begin your walk to freedom. Order a copy of Dr. Art Mathias’ book In His Own Image which will help you understand the medical and psychological origins of diseases such as bulemia and over-eating.

You will also want to start reading Biblical Foundations of Freedom (I Found Freedom) You may want the companion workbook which is very helpful as you walk through the chapters that lead you to freedom. Ask about it when you call.

She showed her doctor that she has her life back. You can too!