Environmental Illness

Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MCSE/EI is a condition where the body begins to react to the sufferer’s perception of their environment. These reactions can be nearly instantaneous. Most people who suffer from MCSE or EI are intelligent and sensitive.


Fatigue, mental confusion, frequent colds and sinus problems, joint pain, swelling and food allergies. Depression and anxiety about compounds and substances that are attacking the body. Fear of encountering the poisonous substances that triggered the most recent episode.

Solutions and Treatments

At Wellspring we understand what you are going through. Dr. Art Mathias suffered terribly from MCSE/EI. Not only was this debilitating disease overcome when Dr. Art’s heart was healed, but he began to share what happened to him. Click here to read Dr. Art’s story.You may find that you have tried many of the same techniques that Dr. Mathias did. it wasn’t until he was shown how to deal with the root causes of EI that he was healed.

If you have EI, you are probably spending money and your valuable life-days coping with an illness you don’t have to have.

Resources that bring Healing

You can understand a lot more about how this disease affects your physiology . Get a copy of Dr. Mathias’ book, In His Own Image. In his book, Biblical Foundations of Freedom, Dr. Mathias gives simple, insightful ways to overcome MCSE or EI. He got his life back and you can too! Other people just like you have complete freedom from Environmental Illness.

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