Fear, Stress and Anxiety

Fear and Faith have equal power in our lives. In other words, if there is an empty place in a person’s character that requires faith to go forward, the alternative is to fill that space with fear.

Fears can be self-fulfilling ‘prophecies’. Even if they are sub-conscious, they affect the fight/flight response in our bodies. The result is patterns in thinking and feeling. Those thoughts and emotions brought on by fear have harmful effects on our bodies.

What kind of thoughts and fears are in my personality? Look at this example list and see if you know someone who may have some of them. CLICK HERE

Certain things in our lives can trigger fears. One of the ways we can damage relationships that could be very meaningful is to develop irrational fears based on events in our past.

Triggers are those things which bring back memories which are associated with fear or pain. [ See how triggers affect us ]Triggers and how they affect us. Some of these things are also closely related to ALLERGIES.

At Wellspring, we understand how hard it seems to take back control of our destiny when there are serious doubts and fears. When you call a Wellspring prayer counselor, it’s very likely that they have walked through some of the same things that you are working on.

Don’t be hindered by fear. And don’t let anxiety affect your immune system or cardiac system! Find out how your body is affected by these negative emotions.

In his book, In His Own Image Dr. Mathias explains how our bodies are designed to respond appropriately to fear. You will learn how the negative emotions of bitterness and fear and their related emotions are immunosuppressants and can cause life-threatening heart problems.

Want freedom for yourself or someone you love who is haunted by subtle (and sometimes – not so subtle) fears? Are you tired of hearing something inside you say “if you do THAT, this is what will happen , , ,”?

Man and wife with cancerYour story could be something like this:“We were both afraid of what the future would look like when we heard the word “cancer.” ‘We decided not to let fear control our thoughts and feelings. Our outlook on life changed when we realized our fear made everything worse.”Read Dr. Art Mathias’ story. He tells in plain language, the effect that a health condition can have on a person’s mental and physical outlook. CLICK HERE