Hope for Lupus Sufferers

Lupus has been described as a chonic autoimmune disease affecting joints, skin, scalp, heart, lungs, kidneys and even blood.

Doctors classify lupus in several categories:

Systemic Lupus – This is when the immune system destroys the functionality of more than one part of the body. Symptoms include arthritis, rash, fever, headaches, hair loss, fatigue and muscle pain. Some patients will only experience a few of these symptoms, while others will suffer from them all.


Lupus – Discoid Lupus the result of the immune system attacking the skin. Symptoms are usually rashes and the sufferer may experience sensitivity to light. Some report facial ulcers that periodically appear
Drug-induced Lupus – can be caused by exposure to certain medications. Discontinuation of the suspected meds usually cause the symptoms to disappear.The key to freedom from Lupus is found in the fact that it is an auto-immune disease. Un-resolved issues that are part of painful memories involving others depress certain areas of our immune system.

The emotions of self-bitterness affect the chemical messages that our physiology exchanges between its various systems. This ultimately results in some biological components perceiving that other systems are ‘invaders’. An immune response follows where the perceived invader is marked for destruction by the anti-bodies.

At Wellspring, we understand how bitterness against ourselves triggers own immune system against the body. While doctors admit they don’t understand how to treat Lupus, we can help you recover from this terrible disease.

If you are ready to leave Lupus behind, our Wellspring counselors will work with you through the issues that may be causing your emotions and body chemistry to affect your immune responses.