Post Tramautic Stress Disorder

This condition appears in our lives in subtle ways. For my wife and I, we first noticed it following the loss of our home to fire after only about 2 years of marriage. For the next couple of years the sound of a siren galvanized our nerves. We knew WHY – the fire had been traumatic and life-altering. We simply didn’t have a name for it. Eventually our reactions to the triggers went away.

If you, or someone you know is troubled by PTSD tell them that there is hope ! At Wellspring we have seen mNY people healed of PTSD caused by war, sexual violence, willing and unwilling participation in evil practices, even accidents.

PTSD can be linked to trauma. Our minds are designed to work best when we’re at peace. Even a combat soldier or a public servant works best when in the midst of danger or conflict the rely on their training and instincts to guide them. And even with the best of training, when a particularly horrible event has passed, the memories that the brain is trying to deal with can trigger physiological reactions.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, doctors are recognizing that the fear of danger causes a flight or fight response. PTSD happens in people who still have the fear or stress even after the danger has passed.


Violent dreams, frightening impressions, images or thoughts, avoiding places which trigger memories, deep feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, missing memories, and being ‘spring-loaded’ or tense.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Doctors look for a key element in diagnosis of PTSD. It is simply ‘recurrence’. The patient will likely be offered a spectrum of treatment options. Facing and reliving the fear by visiting the place where the event occured, mental imagery. Cognitive therapy tries to get the patient to make sense of the memories that are so troublesome. Physchologists try to deal with the guilt and shame that accompanies these memories. Anger ‘management’ practices are sometimes introduced.

Percerption-altering drugs such as Zoloft or Paxil may be administered. The FDA studied the used of these drugs and added warnings about suicidal behaviors, particularly with young adults.

A Better Way

Call Wellspring if you or someone you love seems to be having trouble with memories. If there are seasons of your life where there should be memories and they are gone, your mind may be unable to process some of the things that happened.

You’re well-being is important to us and we can help. Start by getting Dr. Art Mathias’ book, Biblical Foundations of Freedom and the companion book which describes the origins of PTSD and other diseases. Order In His Own Image today.