Sexual Abuse, Ritual Abuse and DID

Sexual Abuse, Ritual Abuse and DID

Sexual or ritual abuse attempts to destroy the identity of a person who was created in the image of God.  One of the most difficult roadbocks to receiving help is whether or not you can perceive that someone actually believes you. As many people who personally know a victim of sexual abuse, secrecy is the cloak that the abuser drapes over the victim.

If you or someone close to you has difficulties in this area, we can help. We understand the effects that abuse has. How it tries to destroy your confidence in yourself. How it brings conflicting and negative voices into your soul. How it prevents true emotional and sexual intimacy. DID (dissociative  disorder) sometimes appears as a coping mechanism when some of those memories carry deep, deep, pain.

One of the worst things about sexual abuse is the ‘don’t tell’ rule. If you are in the military, or even in ministry, you know what it’s like to work with people who have been abused and told to keep silent about it.

Taking tranqualizers and other meds won’t make the problem go away. They only add to the shroud of secrecy that tries to hide something deeper that is broken.

Exposing the work of the enemy in my life puts the white light of truth on his efforts to make me an ineffective person. The “don’t tell” rule is his cloak. When you’re ready to take away the camoflauge that hides his attempts to make you small and shameful, we’re right there to help you stand.

Call today. We will help you.